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chakra tea collection




We are so pleased to bring forward our organic chakra loose leaf tea range, with the assistance of the divine Emma Hay of Little Birdie Yoga.

Each plant carries a vibrational frequency that corresponds to one of the seven chakras. The vibrational qualities of herbs will benefit the mind, body and spirit. Herbs can be used in a variety of ways and will assist in healing and stimulating the entire chakra system. Certain herbs have effects that will be beneficial for healing a specific chakra. These herbs can be used to open, energize and activate the chakras and to balance the energy, to cleanse and release any negative energies, or to clear any energetic blocks so that more positive prana (chi) energy can flow through it.

Using herbs when cooking and preparing foods is a healthy way to heal the body from the inside out. Fresh and dried herbs can also be brewed to make healing herbal teas or elixers. It is naturally more beneficial to use fresh, raw and organic herbs, leaves, and roots because the 'live energy' has a more healing effect. Whilst fresh is often best we can appreciate that not everyone has the access to a herbal healing garden or the time to harvest and make these teas. So here our blends that we have come up with, as our take on able to assist you on your chakra journey whilst tasting pleasant.

To get the most benefit from these teas we recommend that you follow a healthy diet and seek advice from your doctor or health practitioner.

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