spiced life pots:a selection of our organic tea ranges in glass pots that have flavoursome spices & herbs to warm your soul. heavenely hibiscus 35 grams.deep & rich in colour with a light & tangy taste. this is warm & heavenly on a cold day or would make the perfect summer iced tea.organic ingredients: cinnamon, orange peel, rose petals, cloves, allspice, rooibos & hibiscus flower.cheeki chai 35 grams.always a crowd pleaser, this cheeky little chai is the perfect cup to spice up your life.organic ingredients: cloves, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, star anise & Darjeeling tea.green chai 35 grams.lively cinnamon & cloves with a light peppery note of cardamom combine for a true chai flavour. a clean & refreshing taste added by the citrus, rose & vanilla in every cup.organic ingredients: orange peel, cloves, rose petals, vanilla bean & sencha green tea.

spiced life pots