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Well, how nice is the weather!!!

Who would have thought that good old Apollo Bay would feel like the tropical north today?

Anyway, the hot weather has me thinking of iced tea and how nice it is. So, I just thought that I would share how easy it is to do at home. Beat the heat of summer by brewing up a jug of iced tea to keep in the fridge.


When it comes to the tea part of the drink, there’s no end of possibilities, feel free to experiment with all different teas and see what your pallet likes. The classic choice is a strong black tea, but as stated before you can use any tea. As a rule, use 3 – 4 teaspoons of tea to every litre of liquid, (this all depends on how strong you might like it)


While of course hot water is the usual liquid used for iced tea, you can get a little crazy and experiment and use fruit juice, especially apple juice, to add more flavour to the tea. It’s quite simple heat it up with the water and add it to the mix.

Step 3- SWEETEN (if you like)

You can use sugar, honey, or your favourite sweetener to give the iced tea some extra lift. Otherwise, if you are being “healthy,” keep it without sugar and let people add their own.

Step 4 - LET IT BREW

So, the easiest way to do this is to brew the tea is in a heat-proof container, pour over the hot liquid and allow it all to sit for 20 minutes. Drain the mix into a jug and place it in the fridge until needed.


So now you will have a cold batch of tea in the fridge, now is your time to get creative and inventive. See what works for you and your family, what tastes and flavour you all like. Add plenty of ice cubes to make it extra cold, throw in a mint sprig to give it more flavour or even slip in a shot of your favourite alcohol to make it an adults-only thirst-buster.

- FOR my kids I like to add sliced strawberries, oranges, peaches, and a dash or two of maple syrup.

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