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Meet Us At the Farmers Market

You may or may not know that when we first started selling our teas; we started at markets along the coast. This was something that we thought would be super easy with two children. Bah Ha ha ha..... clearly we were new first time mums!

Our very first market was the Apollo Bay Farmers Market and we have to say that we fell in love with this market and it's vibe. What better way to start the day then to go to a market where food and beverages are sold, and talk to the people that make or produce these beautifully delicious products.

We did quiet a few markets up and down the surf coast until we both ended up having a second child each. This was then just impossible for us to juggle all four kids selling tea, without looking like a couple of CRAZY ladies.

Safe to say we figured out another way to sell tea that meant we didn't have to go to markets every weekend, we now sell retail online as well as wholesale to retail gift shops, cafes & restaurants. But we loved going to the Apollo Bay Farmers Market as this was our social outing to look forward to once a month. Also a great excuse to eat lots of nice food like cakes, cheese plus a sneaky BBQ bacon & egg roll. So we make an effort to get our sleep deprived butts out of bed every 3rd Sunday of the month to go to market, stuff our faces with delicious food and sell our teas.

The Apollo Bay Farmers market is a lovely place to go and catch up with people, so if you are passionate about where your food comes from, less food miles, reducing plastic packaging, eating tasty food or just purely going to get out of the house then the Apollo Bay Farmers Market is a must do!

We hope to see you al there this Sunday or perhaps another 3rd Sunday of the month. We will be the ladies selling tea with cake icing on our faces... Cheers Kirsten & Amy

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