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the magic of mystic myrtle

The newest member to our organic herbal tisane range is this little beauty, Mystic Myrtle.

A lovely blend of organically Australian grown aniseed myrtle and lemon myrtle, this one is a treat for not only your taste buds, but your inner health and gorgeous face. Want to know how, please let us explain a little for you!

Aniseed myrtle is an Australian native plant that has a subtle sweet liquorice taste, complementing the the citrus flavour of the lemon myrtle.

Studies have found that aniseed myrtle has outstanding antioxidant activity, as well as containing lutein, folate, vitamin E and vitamin C. Additionally, lemon myrtle has been know to help to relieve cramps, headaches, spasms, fevers, as well as rheumatism.

So who wouldn't want to have a cup that tastes great and is good for you too.​ xx

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