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raw orange chocolate brownie

Citrus is the bomb in winter. Loaded with vitamin c and super juicy tasty, the bonus is oranges go awesomely well with chocolate (another winter favourite!). Serve this healthy treat up with a pot of tea and you are onto something great!

Foodie bit:

brownie part:

2 ¼ cups almond meal

¾ cups cacao powder

1 ½ cups medjool dates

¼ cup maple syrup

zest of large orange

top off part:

½ cup almond butter

2 tbs coconut oil

2 tbs date syrup

2 tbs cacao powder

zest of large orange

pretty part:

2 tbs almonds, chopped

zest of an orange

To do bit:

Add all the brownie ingredient bits into a food processor and process away.

Spread that goodness into a brownie tray. Mix all the tops off bit together in a bowl and slather that on top of your brownie. Place in the fridge for 3-4 hours, then pretty it up, slice and serve. Now, just see how long that lasts…

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