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mango mint delight iced tea

feeling the heat? heres a little cooler for you. vodka optional...

the foodie bit:

400g mango

1 tbs grated ginger

1 ½ cups cooled organic mint delight tea

the how how to bit:

get the pulp from the mango(s) and you can either blitz it with an electrical appliance or mash it with a fork until its pureed.

poor everything into a jug and mix it all up, then pour into a metal baking tray or bowl and place into the freezer.

around the 2 hour mark the mixture will have started to form that icey edge, using a fork, gently mix the ice every 1-2 hours until you get your desired slushy effect. then allow to freeze completely which will probably take over night.

just before serving, rake it with the fork again. serve in glasses with fresh fruit or a splash of vodka (depending on the time of day). Ax

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